Our Mission

It is our mission to become the leading student-led technology support and integration team in order to revolutionize the field in schools everywhere. By Crusading Technology in Schools, one innovation at a time with collaboration and value both locally and internationally.

Our Vision


In our modern age technology has played a crucial part in the child’s education and is a core part in bringing to reality Seoul Foreign School’s vision to deliver the depth and breadth of its academic and extracurricular programs that meet the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of its students.

It is our vision, that we, as a organization, must do everything in power to promote the use of technology in a way that empower each and every individual at Seoul Foreign School to strive for excellence with the emphasis on the use of technology with responsibility and accountability. 

However, at the same time we seek to extend our mission far beyond student and strive to be in every part of the school and the life of the school. From the lives of students to each and every member of the faculty and the administration at Seoul Foreign School

Brian Hamm, Co-Founder

Brian Hamm, Co-Founder

Our Ideological Origins

The development of Seoul Foreign High School's student tech support and innovation team first began with the proposal from our co-founder Brian Hamm who based his vision of the program on the work of others from Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand in the same field. Notably with the help of Jeff Utecht of the Google Ninja program was the final stages of the program early development completed.

Then in the fall of 2012 after blessings from the school administration the Tech Crewsaders first assembled. However, at the time it was not quiet certain what the Tech Crewsader program will be or what our purpose will become in the community. What was certain though was the fact that we are here to serve our community.

The development of the Seoul Foreign High School student tech support and innovation team was proposed by Brian Hamm after consulting with developers of similar programs in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and with the help of Jeff Utecht and the Google Ninja program. In the fall of 2012, Brian and the Tech Crewsaders kicked off their first semester of what was to be an amazing, transformation experience for the student group. More than doubling in size by the second semester, the dedicated team has also filtered into the other divisions at SFS, and is now pushing their own publication, the Tech Crewsaders Magazine, to thousands of viewers around the world. This student led and driven group has drastically impacted the SFS community through their various innovations and will seek to continue to do so in international schools locally and internationally.

Our Creation and Growth

The students were essentially given free rein with what their goals were with this group

For the students, the Tech Crewsaders was an opportunity to explore individual freedom, a chance not often given at school. The Tech Crewsaders have almost full autonomy in pursuing their tech interests and projects, while integrating technology into Seoul Foreign School at the same time. The students were essentially given free rein with what their goals were with this group: be it starting a new magazine or co-hosting a tech conference in Seoul. And the fruits of that labor are shown through what they have done in the first year. 

Besides providing both SFS students and faculty alike with tech assistance at the service desk, the Tech Crewsaders undertake a variety of projects which they feel is of both benefit to both the community and the organization as a whole. The first groundbreaking project undertook by our team was the creation of the Tech Crewsader team by Tech Crewsader co-founder Dhira Khewsubtrakool. The Magazine not only served as a publication that gets the student body and the community as whole interested in Technology but also due to the innovative considerations that was put in place with the launch of the magazine, the entire publishing field at Seoul Foreign School changed forever. From the introduction of a first school publication based on the subscription based publishing model to the implementation of an online publishing platform with this website, the Magazine was a catalyst for change.

Other notable accomplishments in our first year includes the re-development of of SEOMUN's (Seoul Model United Nations) visual identity and web presence which contributed greatly to our influence and our reach to other international schools in the region. By redesigning every aspect of the conference hosting more than 600 students and teachers, the Tech Crewsader and our philosophy in design was on every pamphlet, program guides, posters, writing utensils, and even the paper used at the conference were accounted for by designers in our team led by our Executive Director of Design Seongwoo Choi and Projects Leader Dhira Khewsubtrakool.

With the intention and the mission to better change the way technology is used and integrated into student lives, the Tech Crewsader team continues to work collaboratively with administrators, and students in all grade levels and divisions at Seoul Foreign School. Moreover, our organizations as a whole has always pushed to innovate further and network to other schools within the region.