The Tech Crewsaders Curriculum

The Tech Crewsaders InDesign curriculum is designed not only for you to survive in the use of Adobe InDesign but thrive in creativity and innovation. We want to teach you the basics to get you going and let you get hands on with catered and guided projects from around the internet for you to improve and further develop your skills. The curriculum is divided into four units

  • Beginning with InDesign
  • InDesign Theory and Publishing Theory
  • Advanced tools and Techniques
  • Cool Projects!

In the Tech Crewsader team we believe that our team can not reinvent the wheel but we can innovate upon it and select the best of wheels to use. This means that the resources that we have used in the making of this curriculum has come from many places into one organized place, selected, catered, vetted and organized just for YOU! For example, for laying out the foundations we rely heavily on the resources provided by the Adobe Education Exchange, however as we progress on into the different tiers, we will be giving you some projects to try to do on your own and improve your skills that we have found from a multitude of sources whether they're from the best of design blogs or videos from Adobe Evangelist, we will give you the best of the best.

I hope you enjoy this course in which the Tech Crewsader team has designed for you, and I hope that our program can be an inspiration to all for the future of technology in education. Have fun with this learning experience

—Dhira Web Khewsubtrakool