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One of the key service that members of the Seoul Foreign School community keep coming to us for is our creative talent that we have at our disposal to provide the best in class design and marketing expertise. Our contracted work ranged from branding and designing for events that served thousands of participants to simply designing posters used for school fund raising activities.

Now we aim to bring these special and unique professional design services to all clubs at Seoul Foreign School

What We Can Do For You

When it comes to design, it can be very difficult for clubs to find the right person and delegate the right task to the right members within a team. By signing up with the Tech Crewsaders Club Services we take the stress of design and time constraint out of the club's hand and deliver on the promise to always give back to the community something that anyone can be proud of and out up on a wall and call their own. We can guarantee a good design and a delivery on a timely fashion.

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The Process

  1. Fill out the sign-up form (below) first so that we know that you are interested. You can either do this yourself or have a Tech Crewsader do it for you! (You can do it multiple times if you have multiple projects for us)
  2. If we have any questions before we begin we will contact you. This can include asking for the club's original branding assets such as logos, trademark, or photographs of the club activities.
  3. All projects will take 2 weeks maximum. If you give us all that we require (ie. information for posters or projects) we can deliver within 2 weeks with ample time for you to make revisions.
  4. Once all revisions are made the final product is delivered to you with attribution to the Tech Crewsaders team.
If you deliver, we will deliver on time. Within 2 weeks. Guaranteed


  • All projects are subjected to attribution
  • All projects will be completed within a 2 week period.
  • Projects will take a minimum of 1 week after the projected is fully contracted.

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