Purpose & Mission Statement

The Tech Crewsaders Club services attempts to give the same services of web development, branding, advertising and video production, that has served school organizations such as APAC and the Seoul Model United Nations to all key clubs at SFS.


The services that we aim to provide for all clubs at Seoul Foreign School is divided into four categories which includes web development, branding, advertising (posters and print design), and video productions. However we will begin firstly by rolling out the first of our 4 core services—web development. But if you are eagerly interested in contacting us for work in the other areas of services that we aim to offer in the future but you can not wait, please feel free to contact us personally.

Phase 1—Web Development

We believe that all great clubs at Seoul Foreign School deserves a website of their own and a face in the international community. The best way to spread the name of your club and express your powerful missions is through the web. Having a website will allow clubs at Seoul Foreign School to communicate their values and intentions to university admission offices, other international schools and the wider general public. It is about getting your voice heard.

As the Tech Crewsader we would like to provide exactly everything you need to get a website up and running with our self-maintained hosting services and the beautiful collection of website formats that we have collected within our team for the past few years. In a matter of days of collaboration we aim to get you and your club with an up and running,beautifully designed website that you and your team will be able to further edit and manage yourselves as well. At the same time, we will will also continue to maintain the website for you on the back end ensuring stability and functionality. We want to be able to take the hassle of web design, and systems management out and leaving you space and freedom of mind to do what you want to get your voices heard in the international community.

Technical Information

  • Your website will be running on a fully featured version of WordPress, not the limited options of Wordpress.com. Valued at $300

    • You will be able to invite your team members to edit the website with you

    • Use your own choice of themes if our purchased and curated collection of premium themes does not suit your needs

    • If you are very technical you can even edit every single thing that makes your website run from the html to ever CSS elements. You are free to do whatever you want with your website.

  • Your website will be given a unique domain for FREE in regards to your website name in the format of—yourclub’sname.sfsclubs.com (ie. seomun.sfsclubs.com)

  • However if you would like your own custom top level domain such as yourclub’sname.com. The fee is $15 a year.

The Process (2-3 weeks)

  1. Fill out the sign-up form (below) first so that we know that you are interested. You can either do this yourself or have a Tech Crewsader do it for you!
  2. Book your first appointment with a Tech Crewsader from the Club Services team to discuss the future of your website
    • Determining the scale of the website and how it will be used by the team.
    • Exploring different methods that people can reach your website in terms of addresses and domains
    • Establishing the key sections that the website will have (ie. About Us, Portfolio, Leadership Overview, Galleries, Contact Us etc)
    • Establishing what the club/team needs to provide to the Tech Crewsaders in terms of contents (ie. Mission Statements, Events Pictures, Club History or Biography, Leadership Team Photos and etc.)
    • Set a date for the next meeting where content will be handed to the Tech Crewsaders
  3. In the meantime before the next meeting, the Tech Crewsaders responsible for your club's website will begin laying out the foundations of the website for you online. this includes setting up the servers, content management systems, and the website in general. 
  4. Once you are ready to hand over the content, you will then set up a second appointment with the Tech Crewsaders
    • At which time, you will transfer to us pictures documents (ie. Events Pictures, Mission Statements, Club History, Leadership Notes, Logos, and etc.)
    • Then we would take them, and continue to build your website for you and fully complete them with your content.
  5. When the website is completed we will contact you immediately (roughly 1-2 weeks) for the last meeting where we will go over basic editing techniques and teaching you how to maintain your website going forward.


Free Premium Themes

By signing on to our services you are also receiving a selection of more than 20 premium and curated themes from us.

Full Featured WordPress

Unlike creating your own website at wordpress.com, by signing up with our services we will unlock all the features of WordPress for you

Completely Configured

Each website will also be completely and uniquely pre-configured by the Tech Crewsader Team to ensure state of the art functionality

Edit on the go

Each Tech Crewsader's made website will be editable via any mobile devices, making updating your website fast and simple to do.


Unlimited Storage

With each website there is no limit to how much content you can upload to your website. Feel free to do what ever you wish!

unlimited space.jpg

Fully Managed

Each website will be fully managed on the back end by Tech Crewsaders to ensure "always-on" functionality and speed optimizations.


Google Single Sign In

Instead of remembering passwords sign-in with your Google Apps account.

sign in.png

Routine Backups

If you messed something up, do not worry we will routinely back-up your website for you!

routine backups.png

Its Completely Free

Again we would like to emphasize that this is completely free for the SFS Community.


Get Your Website Now

clients website.jpg


  • If you are a student and you are interested in getting your own website, fill out the form anyways and we'll get back to you!
  • If you would like to submit another club refresh the page and come back
  • Give it a try now at beta.techcrewsaders.com and press login in the main navigation with username: guest and password: guest


As of February 14 we have been informed by Mr. Baker that all clubs at Seoul Foreign High School will need some sort of online identity where students can go and find general information about each clubs. ie.

  • Club leaders
  • Mission and Vision Statements
  • Club descriptions/history
  • Activities/Services
  • Contact information

There are several ways clubs can choose to achieve the Administration's requirements:

  1. Build their own Google Site and submit to the Tech Crewsaders
  2. Build their own website and submit to Tech Crewsaders
  3. Join the club services program with the Tech Crewsaders and allow us to build the foundations of a beautiful and professional website. Which clubs will be able to take and call their own.
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[Free] yourclub'sname.sfsclubs.com (ie. seomun.sfsclub.com) [Custom] your club'sname.com (ie. seomunkorea.com)
If you have any special requests or pre-conditions please write them here for us so we can prepare the foundations before meeting you.
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