Installing Cloud Printer for PC


Step 1—Find Your Bit Version

For Windows PC the most important thing that you must know about your computer is the bit version of your operating system. Go to My Computer> Right Click>Properties to find your bit version.

Step 2—Download your Windows Driver




Step 3—Installation

Installing the cloud printers on Windows is dead simple. Once the driver file is downloaded onto your computer, double click. It will appear as though NOTHING will happen, but actually the install process is just double-clicking the file and, you're done. To be sure you should just double click it, wait, and do nothing for 2 minutes, then delete the file. In some cases, a warning message will pop up, asking whether you trust the software, and it will ask for your permission to install it. 

Installing Cloud Printers for Mac

Step 1—Download the Mac Cloud Printer Driver


Step 2—The Installer Wizard

Mounted Devices.png

Double-click on printermac.dmg (the downloaded file) and a drive will be mounted on your desk top in the same way a USB does. If it does not show up on your desktop go to Finder and it should be present on the bottom left hand corner. Once you are in the mounted DMG, double-click the Fuji Xerox Package to run the Installer Wizard.

gate keeper warning.png

Step 3—Problems on Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8+)

n Mountain Lion and newer version of Mac OS there is a feature called Gate Keeper which aims to protect your computer from dangerous software downloaded from the Internet. By default the Mac OS will only allow apps that are downloaded from the Mac App Store or an app that is made by identified developers. However, to install the cloud printer driver you need to disable it first. Click here to find out how to disable Gatekeeper. 

Step 4—System Preferences

The First step is to go to System Preferences, and click on the Print & Scan section, or the section that has the Printer icon on it.

printer in preferences.png

Step 5—Adding a Printer

Click + to add a new printer. 

add printer.png

Step 6—Network Information

ip printer.png

Click on the IP Globe Tab and then put in the information as follows:





Use: For the use section choose the option to  Select Printer Software...

ip printer information.png

Step 7—Selecting Diver Software

In this Window, the easiest way to progress is to search for C5570 and select  FX ApeosPort-IV C5570 v3017.104 PS.  On some occasions the option will not show up, in order to fix this you must run a system update first. To do so go to the Apple Icon (Top Left Hand Corner) and click Software Update.... From there install any system updates and restart your computer. then you can try to find teh Printer software again.and may have to start again from Step 4. 

printer software.png

Step 8—Selecting Diver Software

Once the Printer Software has been selected, a window will show up allowing you to select some options. Scroll through it and for the Customize User Prompts Section  select DISPLAY USER ID PROMPT ONLY. Then click OK

user prompts.png

Step 10—Set Default Paper Size

Set the default Paper Size to A4 for the SFS Printer


Step 11—Print Setup

Open up a Word Document and go to the Print Options Dialogue by pressing CMD+P or File>Print. Once there make sure the printer selected is the SFS Printer and find the options menu.

11-1 Print Dialog Mac 01.png

Step 12—Job Accounting Options

In the Options Menu selection drop down to the Job Accounting section and click the User Details Setup... button.

job accounting option.png
user details setup button.png

Step 13—Job Accounting Options

In the Options Menu selection drop down to the Job Accounting section. Here are the options you want to customize:

  • Un-check Always Use Default User Details
  • Check Prompt User for Entry when Submitting Job
  • Check Display Last Entered User Details
  • Un-check Mask User ID and Mask Account

Press OK and press Print

Note the selected options and unchecked options

Note the selected options and unchecked options

Step 14—Sending a Print Job

After you have pressed OK after the User Details Setup and pressed Print, a dialogue will pop up and ask you for user IDs and Passwords. Put in your school ID number and your corresponding password. Then press OK. Now your print job should be successfully sent to the Printer, congratulations!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 3.36.06 PM.png